Vanessa Koper-Hanscom

Horses are intelligent and have a unique way of communicating.  Our Arabians our sensitive, inquisitive, look to please us when working with them.  It takes an individual who understands not only what to communicate but how to communicate.  A patient, kind person who can tell the difference between “I don’t understand; “I don’t like it; and I’m afraid”.  Someone with experience in equine behavior and a variety of disciplines.

Do Right Jumping into WaterIMG_3455Vanessa is that person.  With 20+ years of equine training working with a multitude of breeds, Vanessa offers a balanced approach to competitive training.  Working and training in the disciplines of 3-Day Eventing which includes—Cross Country, Dressage & Show Jumping, as well as Hunter and Racing gives her a wide range of knowledge in training the equine athlete.  Her experience and sensitivity to equine behavior coupled with her calm, patient approach makes her an ideal instructor for the unique Egyptian Arabian.