Gazaala Al Ameen

Gigi is a very feminine mare. Like her name infers, she is demure, alluring, sweet and innocent with the grace of a a wise spirit. A great addition to our brood mare band she brings a strong, outcross pedigree to our program.

Gigi’s pedigree is a who’s who of Egyptian Arabians.  Where to begin?  Her grand sires stand out as they both represent strong Ansata blood stock.  Ansata Abu Nazeer was a very well balanced stallion with very few but influential offspring. He was the herd sire for Glorieta Ranch and produced Gigi’s sire Glorieta Gazaal who was uniquely bred, exquisite in type and a stallion who drew you to him in a mystical way.  Ansata Abbas Pasha is Gigi’s maternal grand sire who was a highly valued source of Saqlawi Jedran blood for the famous Bentwood breeding program.  In 1979, he went to Paris and took the title of Reserve International Champion of the Salon Du Cheval.  An international super star, Ansata Abbas Pasha went on to sire incredible horses for Dr. Nagel of Katharinenhof in Germany and secured his name in the history books as a great stallion.

Not to be outdone, Gigi’s tail female line is nothing less than stellar.  Serenity Sonbolah was a US National Champion mare with an incredible conformation and Arabian type.  You can see why we are so excited to own Gigi and to breed her to produce the next incredible generation of Egyptian Arabian superstars.

Gigi’s first foal is due in August 2011 and is sired by the majestic Ansata Qasim.  Needless to say we can’t wait to see the result of this pairing!

Gazaala Al Ameen Pedigree
Gazaala Al Ameen

2004 Grey Mare

Glorieta Gazaal Ansata Abu Nazeer Ansata Ibn Halima++
Ansata Bint Zaafarna
Glorieta Gambolia Char Echo
Anchor Hill Hamla
Zahara Nadira Ansata Abbas Pasha Ansata Ibn Halima++
Ansata Bint Mabrouka
Serenity Salilah Serenity Osiris
SF Bint Sonbolah