Adding Sprouts to our Equine Menu

sproutsYou are what you eat.  Who hasn’t hear that before.  Well, it is true for horses too.  Horses who roam free eat a variety of food stuff–shrubs, bark, weeds.  They eat what their bodies need.  In captivity we add to their diet feed supplements to compensate what they may not get from the forage we provide.   Well at Al Ameen Arabians we are always looking for ways to feed more naturally to help keep our herd healthy and happy.  So we are starting to sprout fodder.  Taking whole grains and sprouting them into lush green mats of yumminess!  If you are interested in learning more about feeding sprouts, check out this article from KER, The Kentucky Equine Research organization.  The benefits of feeding sprouts far outweigh feeding whole grains.  We are excited about our sprouting efforts and would love to have you visit our farm to see how it all works.

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