Natural Living

At Al Ameen Arabians we are dedicated breeders not only to preserve and produce  quality Egyptian Arabians through careful confirmation and pedigree assessments, but we are also dedicated to raising healthy companions both in mind and body so they can fulfill their destiny completely no matter where life takes them.

Natural living has a variety of meanings because it encompasses the way we live and the way we raise our animal friends.  It entails nutrition, herbal protocols, education and training, and farm management.  It’s a lifestyle that works to eliminate synthetic drugs, processed foods, and expensive medications and focuses on simplification and balance.

Nutrition & Herbal Protocols

Horses are natural grazers and the bulk of their food intake should be a variety of high quality forge.  In the wild horses will eat a variety of shrubs, bark, and clay to help them keep a strong immune system and a balance in their health.  As captive companions, horses can miss out on a variety of forge material and not be able to find naturally what they need to stay healthy.  At Al Ameen Arabians we treat each horse as an individual evaluating their specific nutritional needs and then build a feeding regiment and if need be an herbal protocol around those needs.  We monitor their health regularly and adjust their regiments accordingly.

We use Iridology and capturing a health/nutrition history as methods to help asses weak areas to address.

Iridology is the study and analysis of the iris.  This analysis provides indicators towards particular health problems and gives you an opportunity to take action to improve health for yourself and your horse.

We also take into consideration a horses health and nutrition history—any trauma or sickness is noted along with their supplement and their past feed/forge intake.  These methods help us determine the unique needs of each horse and what herbal protocols and feed/forge will work best for their needs.

If you are interested in learning more about Iridology or would like to have your horse’s health analyzed using this approach, please contact us.

Education & Training

It’s important that every horse understand and respect his human companion and vis-versa.  From the time of birth our foals are imprinted so they know us like they know their mom and accept us as part of their herd.  They have instincts to learn from their birth mom and with imprinting it allows us to be their human mom so they will accept learning from us as they grow.  We provide a foundation of training that includes accepting a halter, lead rope and leading; lifting of hooves for cleaning and trimming; standing and tying; grooming, clipping and bathing; and accepting being handled and touched all over.   This education and training gives each horse a foundation for advanced training in confirmation showing and under saddle disciplines.  This type of training will remain with them throughout their lives.

Farm Management

We are always looking for ways to be more harmonious with nature and strive to recycle and reuse items in unique ways.  We have projects underway that save energy; lessen waste; naturally control pests; and reuse packaging from horse products in unique ways.

Natural Fly Spray – A good friend gave me this recipe and it works just as good as the leading pesticide sprays with no side effects for you, your horse, or the environment.

Natural Fly Spray

  • 2 cups apple cider vinegar
  • 2 cups cold prepared tea, sage or chamomile
  • 1 ml (20 drops) eucalyptus oil
  • 1 ml (20 drops) citronella oil
  • ½ ml (10 drops) lavender oil
  • ½ ml (10 drops) tea tree oil
  • ½ ml (10 drops) cedar oil
  • Shake frequently before use to ensure ingredients are combined

We’d love to hear your tips for green and natural living.  Please send us an email if you want to learn more from us or if you’d like to share your tip!